Thursday, January 3, 2013

Cactus Collection

Distinct. Easy. Therapeutic. These are just some of the adjectives that would describe cactus collecting. If one wants to be a collector of it, he needs to be meticulous looking at the differences of styles of the spines - the most unique feature of cactus.

Personally, I have been a cactus enthusiast for almost 10 years. I have not been so lucky these past months, so infuriated actually, as many of my plants were plagued with fungi and pests recently.

These are just some of my collections at home. So sad I have removed
the old ones which were unfortunately plagued by fungi and pests.

In this tropical corner where palms, ferns, orchids and many other leafy plants rule, just how many people have real thumb for cactus? Everytime my friends visit the house, they can't help enough but wonder at how I came to grow these prickly plants. Because of its "rarity" value, it becomes a prized symbol to me.

Moreover, even busy people can have a bee in a bonnet with cactus, because these thorny plants do not need to be tended all the time. One can just leave it grow. They do not need too much water, so once a week watering is enough. As a matter of fact, they need more amount of sunlight than any other plants.

And just as gardening is a healthy hobby, cactus collecting is a way good emotional exercise as well. In my personal experience, it is real fascination just looking at them around especially in the morning. On weekends, if my graduate studies don't drive me like a busy beaver, I spend my days releasing my stress by checking out my weeny collections.

So, thorns, anyone?

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