Monday, January 28, 2013

Bicolored Flowerpecker

After I wrote about the chestnut munia and its nest in two separate posts here, it seems that I have been enjoying watching different frequent visiting birds in our garden. I have decided as well that I might add "birds" label in this blog as birds really engrossed me recently.

The original zoomed shot with my camera (left) and a close up shot  from the internet (right).
This morning there is another kind of bird I spotted in our garden. Usually with a pair, I seldom see them so they are a very welcome sight. I observed though that they are a bit bully because they drive away the chestnut munias. They eat a lot and seem to have been enjoying our ripe guava fruits more than we do.

To describe it exactly, I googled about endemic bird species in the area and found out that this small bird with short bill is a bicolored flowerpecker. Although races vary slightly in color, it has glossy blue black upperparts and white throat, breast, belly and undertail. It prefers to stay in canopy of tropical forests and second growth trees with fruits and flowers. 

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