Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Long before the latest low pressures, I already had a grand raincoat, but which I have not fully used since we always managed to escape the burden of the clouds before it poured.

And then the recent days of unstoppable rains came and alas, it was the moment to show it off. Preparing to leave with my school colleagues even if it was raining, I pulled out my mint green raincoat.

It is not like any other raincoats for aside from its coat that stretched bodice and sleeve lengths, it also has one piece pajama set, which made the entire habiliment look like a... jumpsuit?

Well, I was wearing a backpack inside and it nonetheless gave a realistic look of oxygen packs. I also sported a pair of elevator shoes that said N on each of the heel counters, just above its thick spikes. 

Then I finally covered my head with the suit's skull fitting cap and wore my dramatic rounded eyeglasses.

My colleagues were all grinning widely as they looked at me, and we had exactly the same thoughts before we cried: astronaut!

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