Sunday, December 30, 2012

On The Edge

We are literally living on the edge as today is the ultimate day of the year. As we approach the last tick of the hand of time, I am thinking of all the experiences that are coming to an end. Good or bad, as somebody said, we learn from it.

The disastrous typhoons that cut our brothers swathe through the provinces is such a terrible event that will always be remembered by the country. Nobody wanted it to happen but by sheer environmental irresponsibility we have allowed it to happen. I hope we have learned our lesson on this well to protect our environment justly, so that we can all live in harmony, dignity and peace.

And as if life is not difficult enough, we saw how signing of reproductive health bill into law has become a bone of contention in the political world. I am on the bandwagon of those who are affirmative but are quiet. We have to realize that we need to look at the bigger picture of today. Surely, there is nothing wrong with promotion of family planning, responsible parenthood, health care, sex education, sustainable development.

As we are dubbed to be the land of "kings and queens", we also saw the ups and downs of our boxers and beauties. We did not only witness unrequited punches and lost crowns, but more importantly saw redeemed glories and standing ovations. Not to mention a dozen more ring boxers and beauty titlists, Nonito Donaire advanced up the list and Janine Tugonon proved our superb beauty that is nowhere else in the world.

This year is also significant to me as I also kissed goodbye to many friends as I moved out from General Santos City and back to my hometown Koronadal City. It is just thoughtful to reflect that after all, home is where my heart is. I am happy, as many people did, to be back to serve in my own hometown. I will never get tired putting out my welcome mat to my totally new set of colleagues - all of them made my transition period worth bearable.

So, what did I learn this year? I learned to whisper forgiveness in heavens and carry on doing good things for there is no reason but the joy of doing it.

May the year 2013 bring us all a better world to live! 

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