Saturday, December 29, 2012

Making Resolutions

I remember when I was still grader, it had became an unspoken "tradition" that our teacher always asked us to make a composition about resolutions every new year when we came back to school. I must admit though that I had never been so serious about those lists of what I intend to reform about myself due to my sheer immaturity.

Yet, for this coming new year, I have already lined up ideas of changes in myself. I shall probably write them in another post, but for the meantime I would like to share the highlights of a nice article I read about making better resolutions by Tara Struyk.
1. There Is No One Right Resolution. Think about the things you did that made yourself happy and the things that made yourself regret. Then come up with a resolution that will help you embrace more of the good and less of the bad. Now that’s progress, especially if you continue to do this year in and year out. 

2. Do It Every Day. “The things you do every day take on a certain beauty, and provide a kind of invisible architecture to daily life.” An invisible architecture - if you think about your life that way, the things you do every day, the things you resolve to be a priority, the things you get so used to doing that you do them without question, could be considered the very foundation and framework of your life.

3. Try But Don't Succeed. A year is a long time, and situations we don’t anticipate make keeping a resolution difficult. People who saw ability as something that could be developed were able to make huge strides in just about anything they set their minds to, while those who chose to feel helpless about their lack of ability failed to progress. The difference is largely one of perspective.

4. Start Small, Live Large. Whatever big ambitions you have in life, start small. Start chipping away at your resolution by choosing something you will absolutely be able to achieve. Once you have that down, add something else. This won’t deliver the dramatic transformation we all sort of fantasize about.

So, with these simple ways in mind, may we find it more meaningful to make new year's resolutions!

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