Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What I Got From UK

When it rains, it pours like forever. When it shines, it burns like hell. 

I have been looking for an extra time to scout for gears, mostly for rain defense and sun protection - a battle I grapple in my daily rut of traveling to school. And this afternoon in the UK or the infamous ukay ukay section was just the perfect one!

After digging among heaps of stuffs and throwing away those out of my taste, in the end, I was able to find the best "armors" for the "battle".

Foremost on the list is the hats. I bought two white bucket hats that are made of denim fabric. Actually, I looked for dark colored versions but to no luck. Yet the more important are their brims which are a good shades from the sun for the face, plus they have adjustable knot laces so that the body itself will not fly away on fast travel.

Another are jackets. Not really fashionable but I made sure that the two jackets I got have hoods as well. Jackets, especially made of taffeta like the ones I bought, have dual purpose. When it drizzles, one will not easily get wet because it is at least semi water proof. When it shines, one will not feel as if steamed because it is insulating.

Lastly, I fished for footwears. I wasted my topsider shoes lately by pitilessly using them on muds. I have a pair of rubber shoes but it is a bit tight and I feel uncomfy with its aesthetics. So today I grabbed for a rugged pair of black tennis shoes which surely made my brother green with envy at home later.

So, who else could be more ready for the pours and burns than me - with all the best protective stuffs I got from UK? He! He! He!

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