Thursday, November 1, 2012

Three Friends

We are no perfect social beings and we all need friends who can claw our chests, accept our flaws, laugh at our mistakes, and say hey, look at that! 

I am happy I found such friends. We are all three best of friends ever since. Their names are id and superego, and as you may surmise now, I play the ego. Imagine id sitting on my one shoulder in red and firey with a blivet on his hand and superego on the other in white and ray with a halo on his head.  Well, I am basically the hapless victim in between.

During my elementary days, I remember one weekend I was left alone in our store and I saw open packs of cigarettes displayed in the stand. Then my dear friend id popped out in the midair and told me: "Try lighting a stick." As a child, I got excited to the idea of playing smoke. But suddenly superego came and warned me: "It is such a bad thing, child. You'll get sick with it." Yet I held out for the match box, picked a cigarette and ran to a corner where nobody could see me. 

At first, I was amused blowing smoke out of my mouth like a chimney. I looked at id who was grinning. He even encouraged me to try more. Then, just like what I usually see among adult smokers, I tried blowing smoke through my nose, only I coughed and got teary eyed. I saw superego shaking his head to and fro as if reminding me of not listening to him and now I got what I have been looking for. True indeed, and smoking isn't just my cup of tea.

I have never been the ideal student as well but my evilness level is not that bad. I never tried to cut class until at the final year of my high school when my classmates, for bonding times sake at our last days in school, persuaded me to join them escaping from school and go somewhere else to climb fruit trees in their farm. At first, superego won over id. I did not join my classmates.

But later I had been hearing exciting experiences about the adventure that my classmates had over escaping. Id instantly appeared and said: "See. You missed half of your high school life." Superego popped out and reminded: "You don't want to mess your last senior days with bad experiences, do you?" The next moment, I found myself running, hiding, laughing, climbing, eating, and bonding with my classmates. I really enjoyed it without regrets even when I think of it now.

On examination seasons, I and my two buddies take a lot of favorite moments to bond with each other too. So, say during my college days when taking up a very difficult final test that if I would rate the difficulty from 1 to 10 it would range to 11, and then there's a piece of paper secretly offered to me under the table, id would scream: "Go ahead, save yourself or else you will fail!" Superego would react: "You know you don't really want to, you've studied so far and you'd feel sooooo guilty if you take it." 

In situations like this, I must admit that sometimes I am guilty of of following id, being left with no option because no matter how superego convinced me that I know the subject so well, I just really didn't know. At other times, when superego had earlier made a good deal of convincing to me by dragging me down into burning the midnight candle, I feel elated taking the exam with a clean mind.

I am thankful for all the moments I chose to follow id in some and superego in the others. If not for all the intolerance that I have experienced with each of them and continue experiencing now, I think I would not learn my lessons in life well. Each of us is a battle field of our own ids and superegos. As humans, who said we don't need both of them? It is for us on how we take the experiences we get with the outcomes of every decision we make based on what each side of our mind advocates.

So have you, too, found your two other friends?

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