Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tuesday Thoughts

What a random day it has been. The events I juggled today were not really on my prior list of activities but everything just turned swimmingly after all.

After so much second thoughts last night, I ended up deciding to point my route to Marbel 4 Elementary School instead of reporting to my class today. Actually I was invited to sit as a judge for a district event since last week. Yet after some conflicts and resolutions, I have given up my excitement in going to the event. But there was a point: new type of experience.

The event that was tagged as Read-a-Thon is a contest that highlights the gift of literacy among children through different reading activities such as Story Interpreting, Team Reading, and Story Retelling. One of my tasks in specific was to formulate questions for the Team Reading event.

The noon was a drizzle after the closing program. I and my two close chums Weng Clarete and Brigitte Suanzon headed for downtown and parted ways thereafter.

After my bank transactions, I decided to stroll around the mall while waiting for the heavy rain to cease.  It was just hopeless to treat myself with a nice dress since I am anticipating a financial breakdown again come Saturday for my thesis.

I was about to go home when Ma'am Weng came my way after I called on phone. She later treated me for a warm batchoy at Mandarin Tea Garden. I have dined in the place twice but I had not tried to use chopsticks, so it was a bit struggle for the first time today. Yay!

What a day without definite route and purpose! But I like it that way after all! Life can sometimes turn out to be nicer than we think when we just allow it to happen its way.

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