Thursday, November 22, 2012

Drama Behind

I can’t forget that first semester of school year 2007-2008 during college. We've been dreading for it to come and finally we took up English 145 subject with a horrible descriptive title: Dramatics and Stagecraft. It was really one of the experiences that gave me a great deal of challenge, enjoyment and realization.

From a really no choice decision after the selection of casts, the drama master pointed to me who was left to myself alone in the audience seat like a hapless duckling. I remember how my whole world seemed shattered when he essayed a villain laugh, declaring that I will be the play director of our section! Oh, my! Me? Play director? What the hell life is kidding? That time I was so scared for my life! Ha! Ha! Ha! Yet somehow I made a consolation to myself that if I would not want to FAIL the subject, I have to ACCEPT my not-so-fortunate fate. And that was the beginning then.

Our section was given the play entitled “Flamelets” which was composed of four different skits. It talked about the lives of marias in specific based on history- from the Spanish tyrannies, down the American dreams and Japanese abuses, up the present period.

We rehearsed regularly almost everywhere- from the AS mini theater to H building rooftop, vacant ministry cottages, and even among nim trees beside the CSSH building. There was never an instance when the attendance was perfect, and because of that, I had to offer myself as a substitute to the roles of absent characters such as the cruel princess, the angry elder, the rape victim, the shameless prostitute.  By the middle of the semester, I almost memorized the lines of each skit that until now the jeers and cackles brought by the famous litanies still ring in my ear. Need proofs?

  • Your BORDEN on her shoulders? –Nathaniel Bangoc 
  • Father! Father! –Shiela Mae Ferolino 
  • Enough! Enough! –Regina Malon 
  • There goes another miserable woman…  Her sons were branded as thieves. But I know them. They did not steal. This is their homeland. You do not steal from your homeland, do you? -Liezl De Dios 
  • Couldn’t you be a little prudent as not to add to INJUREY? –Dorina Boyles 
  • They were so boisterous and I was so AFRED. – Aima Guipal 
  • Here! Finish all these or no food! –Aliyah Abdulkadir 
  • I’m tired of this inhuman treatment we get from our masters. I can bear the beatings. But to call me thief, that I will not allow! –Kathryn Mae Ramos 
  • My necklace! Lost! You enter my room! Steal my necklace! –Orgie Casanova 
  • But I swear he’s not! He’s not! Huhuhu. –Liezel Marie Almaden 
  • I surely know how to blow your job! –April Love Nino 
  • Malaki-laki rin yan. Baka mabilaukan ka! –Edma Vega 
  • Menchie, lamang tiyan din ito noh! –Cathy Mae Dabi 
  • This will be my last night. Just like a normal girl, I want to lead a normal life. –Junind Mae Camarillo

Sorry, Janice Bartolaba! You were so popular back then that I missed your line! What was that, Sisa? Ha! Ha! Ha!

After the months of stage rehearsals and productions, as many said that time, it was then the moment of truth. The final presentation was definitely the life changing part of the subject. Who could forget how everyone seemed to be in a hurry like demented freaks running to and fro? Peeping through the backstage, I know how each of us felt so scared and nervous, seeing the sea of expectant looks of the audience. But these all did cut no ice on our group and we did our level best instead. Just as we all hoped, each skit went on like blazes. By the end of the show, our group deserved rounds of applause and received taps on the back!

And speaking of accolades, it would be useless if I won't mention how it rained flat 1 grades in our section and how we all celebrated with a Spanish bread party. But precisely my cup ran over more than that reason. Personally, it was so great experience with a company like ours! I learned how to make life into a bowl of cherries if only we maintain a positive and persistent attitude. I also realized that facing our fate bravely is as important as going through until the end. So, what else more could a growing student like me ask for?

To my dearest blockmates, wherever corner of the world have heavens placed each of us now, I missed our college dramas - both real dramas and imagined dramas! Ha! Ha! Ha! Hope to see you soon, and make dramas again!


  1. mico, miss u..huhu.touch ako..your such your such a great writer nga!miss your eyebrows..

    1. Ate Edma, of all you ought to miss! Hahaha!


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