Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Stone Heart

Call me traitor, but local songs are not just my cup of tea. However, when this song entitled "Pusong Bato" hit the airlanes and the title itself trended on tweet land, I should have choked hard after eating my words and finding myself singing this song more often recently.

I first heard the song in a student intermission during school program, and how we ridicule the song among circle of teachers. It's really funny but I now like "Pusong Bato" because of its melodramatic lyrics, sensational music, and antiquated voice, which all perfectly make up this one of a kind piece.

Discerning the message of the song itself is putting one's self to the shoes of a broken hearted person. I am not into the emotional side of it, but I am more entertained at how exaggeration played the part of the composer's imaginative mind. "Di mo ba alam dahil sa'yo/ Ako'y di makakain/ Di rin makatulog/ Buhat nang iyong lokohin." I can't help but be amused.

Moreover, the music of the song is very tender and wistful. Listening to the strumming of the guitar or or whatever instrument was used at the introduction part of the song makes me sway. It's nicely arranged and timed, isn't it? If you agree so, welcome to the world of "badoys" like me. Laughs.

I must also describe the original voice which belted out the song like an antique piece. It is unique and beautiful, as if "honed by time" if you allow me to say it that way. The oldish voice in this song is definitely a new change for all these same pop voices that were hearing every day, and who knows, may also be one best way to revive our appreciation of old yet truly wonderful songs.

Tulad mo na may pusong bato - are you?

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