Friday, October 5, 2012

A Frozen Delight

I was a bit disappointed this morning to learn that the most anticipated magical memorandum for holiday was a no show. Teachers, I mean, let us face it. We may not express our joy publicly, but holidays are a slice of heaven. It is the only time, aside from weekends, when we can relax from the daily rigors of our teaching.

But instead of mourning, I want to still celebrate the cityhood of my hometown with a bowl of cherries. Although I have comfortably lived in the Tuna City of General Santos for almost seven years, I virtually consider myself still a legitimate son of the city of my birth - the City of Koronadal. So, ladies and gentlemen, listen to a true blue Koronadaleño.

I remember it was a year when people were saying "jubillee" and I was still in elementary when a suffrage was held for the cityhood of Koronadal. Koronadal became a component city of South Cotabato by virtue of Republic Act 8803 dated October 8, 2000. Since then, it has become the bubbling crossroad of business, education and culture in SOCSKSARGEN area, being turned also into the regional seat of the region.

As a kid twenty years ago, I know KCC Mall and Ace Centerpoint. Then, there was the defunct Fit Mart Mall, which was recently converted into Gaisano Grand. I was a witness of their respective evolutions up to the present. These shopping centers have definitely become a part of the life of each Koronadaleño.

But more than shopping, Koronadal is one of the cities in Mindanao which its native speakers are Ilonggos. So, growing up here, I learned to speak this romantic language fluently although not a single drop of Ilonggo blood runs through my veins. As a friend of mine commented years ago, an Ilonggo speaking visitor from Visayas would not definitely be homesick staying in Koronadal, but would surely feel at home.

The famous Round Ball at the heart of the city, a landmark that is 
synonymous to every Koronadaleño life.

Sometimes, I feel guilty cursing this city about what it is not. It is so unfair of me to dislike it for personal reasons that I only know. When I feel at the end of the rope with my ever dramatic life, it is still so good to be back in a corner that I am welcome to call a home. As the saying goes: Be it ever so humble, there is no place like home. And I'm happy to be back for real to serve.

So, why should I still fret? A very happy 12th charter anniversary, City of Koronadal! Kanami guid ya!


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