Tuesday, September 4, 2012

This Life-or-Death Thing Called Thesis

It’s September! I can almost hear the bells ringing in the air and people greeting each other a Merry Christmas! But my September is not that a welcoming month, finding my self literally soaked among heaps of papers and joggling around like I am on the edge of my life. After hibernating from my MSU-Graduate-School life for a while, I am back to finish my final requirements on thesis writing. Yes, let’s talk about it – the THESIS.

You would not be a true blue survivor of college if you cannot relate yourself to the pains of making this crazy little thing called thesis. Yes, you read it right and you probably are nodding right now in agreement to that. Physical exhaustion. Emotional drain. Financial strength. These all and a lot more cost us this life changing phenomenon.

Meanwhile, I am doing this post while taking a break from the second thesis writing ever in my life, this time for my M.A. schooling. So I want to share some tireless thoughts about my present hell over the first three chapters...

Papers. I only had two hours of sleep last Saturday.
1. The Problem. Where in the world have you seen a person compelled to make problems for himself, and formulate answers for himself? It sounds crazy but starting to compose this chapter is indeed like looking for a rod to break my back or a stone to hit my skull. I considered a moment of soul searching about problems that compound my field of interest and gobbled among piles of dissertations in the library to really find a "convincing problem" to start working with. It takes time to really get going.

2. Related Literature and Studies.  I find this chapter boring and tedious part to make. I can just easily type a whole book or paste a long article from a web, and honorably cite the works cited there as if I was the one who first who cited it from the original source. But, as in a big BUT, most often I am constantly attacked by guilt of this stratagem, and that I also value diligent synthesis and honest composition for the obsession of it. This work is mine after all, so I cut the slack for myself to pick the better choice.

3. Methodologies. Alright, I must face in particular the most dreadful section of this chapter - the statistical tools. One thing I cautioned from the start is the choice of variables for my study and the type of correlation applicable to these variables. This affects on what statistical tools I will have to use later on. Just like anyone, I want to make an easy use of frequency count and weighted mean to treat the collected data as humanly as possible. I mean, who really wishes to have a brain damage with chi square, analysis of variance and multiple regression? Not unless if I have bucks to pay for an expensive statistician!

Okay, pardon my French and enough of ruminations. I've got to cut this and prepare as my thesis needs special review for the proposal this Friday. The best of luck to me. :)

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