Thursday, September 6, 2012

Philately, Anyone?

Stamps, stamps, stamps!
In this modern age of technology, how many mail letters do you still receive in a year? And hey, do you care about those little scraps pasted just at the above part of the envelope? If you don't at all, then what the hell, give me those stamps!

Philately, the other name for collecting postage stamps, was first coined by a Frenchman named M. G. Herpin in 1865. The word philately came from three Greek words - philos (love), a (negative), telein (to tax). Letters reached people for free through the use of postage stamps. It began one day in 1841 when a young girl in England advertised in a newspaper that she needed to collect used postage stamps because she wanted to cover her dressing room with different used stamps. That was then the start of stamp collecting.

Weird, isn't it? Just as you would think for a stamp collector like yours truly! Yes, one of my inactive hobbies is stamp collecting, or should I call it philately - there you go! I say "inactive hobby" because I do not do it regularly. Let's just say I collect when I see one or a friend gives me. Actually, most of my stamp collections came from the older collections of my Mom. My granny also used to subscribe to a reading material in Manila, which sent her mail letters in a monthly basis. When I was in high school, I also joined a penpal circle, so i got a number of postage stamps there too.

What I did with my present stamp collection is put them in an album in a topical way, that is by theme. I classified the foreign ones into continents of Europe, Asia, North America and mixed Africa, South America and Australia. On the other hand, I arranged the Philippine stamps by subject such as flora, fauna, presidents, heroes, national symbols, and heritage landmarks.

You see, there is more to stamps than just collecting. It is also an interesting way of getting to know the big world right through our small hands!

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