Friday, September 21, 2012

Joy Ride

You know, I get sentimental sometimes. I mean, who does not? We do once in a while. But no, I must tell you that I am not yet on the finale stage of my existence! This day, just for the fun, I tried to recite with all due justice the lines: Back on its golden hinges / The gate of memory swings / And my heart goes into the garden / And walks with the olden things.

One of the best memories that I had in my recent M.A. schooling is the chance of knowing this another bunch of bubbly educators last 2nd semester in our joint classes of Non Formal and Community Education subjects. How I often miss now our Saturday night sessions at the ancient MSU high school building and our Sunday morning ceremonies when we had just risen fresh from our respective hallows. Now, isn't that just sentimental? Trophy, please!

I really miss the attendance signing, the reporting galores, the planning seances, the indoor picnics, the evening exodus, the hateful banters, the crazy pictorials, the love teams.  With an emphasis on the last one! Lol! And of course, I can't especially forget the bumpy travels and long hikes we did during our outreach program to the hinterlands! It was so fun with the papayas and eggs! Lol! We've surely learned a great deal of things, you see!

And do I need to say that I miss you all, no less, my dearest classmates? Whichever, I will let this 23-minute video speak vicariously for old time's sake. And please forgive my editing skills! Lol!

When will be our next joy ride? And possibly another Hawaiian party or Turon regale?

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